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14th Apr2014
Accuair and Serious innovations

Accuair Dealer

Accuair Dealer We are now an Authorized dealer for Accuair systems.  For any inquiries email us at seriousinnovations@gmail.com visit our STORE for product overview.  

08th Apr2014


Silver Bullet Here’s a little information about Kevin. He started out with about eight different Hondas, then test drove his brother’s EvoX and fell in love. Last year in July,...

20th Mar2014
Dream Movement Photography SLAMRY 8


  STYLE COMFORT SLAMRY Here we have Daniels 2007 Toyota Camry. When you think of a Camry whats the first thing that comes to mind?( R.F.S. )...

19th Mar2014
it-looks-broken 2

It looks broken

It looks broken The only thing that can be said is HOLY SH*T. While patiently waiting on this people been drooling over the fact of how he...

13th Mar2014
Stanced Acura RL serious innovations

Project Acura RL

Here we did a quick simple rendering for one of our good friend. Project will be executed by us. cant wait to see this in reality!!!!  

11th Mar2014
lowered congress becky accord

Becky Accord Transformation

We though this was pretty cool. as our good friend said, the stance evolution. Becky Accord was purchased on 2008 when the scene wasn’t as it is...

01st Mar2014

New SI Banner

For 2014 we are working on a new banner that will be place on the side of the car. This has been done alot in the VIP...

27th Feb2014

Evil Princess 03 Lexus GS300

  Evil Princess This is David’s 03 Lexus GS300. He is one of the members of Team Aficionado in Chicago. He started off this build by installing...

16th Jan2014

That White 350Z

    Here we have Kenny from Cali with his clean 350z. Kenny is currently working on his car to make the transition from stance to VIP....

22nd Nov2013

Slam that accord!

Joseph passed by to show us his new set of wheel. it gave his car a new look, but of course we are never satisfied lol, we...

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