East Coast Accord Meet Number 4.  A meet that has gotten a big following ever since the first one. People always ask, “why an Accord meet?” well the best answer to that is “BECAUSE RACE KAR” lol well there isn’t a real solid answer, its just a car meet. The accord model is a common car in the tri state area and for that reason it is one of the most common car to modify. Accords don’t get respected in the tuner world, i mean it is a family car. The people that do own a accord usually owns it for it reliability. But why hate on this? the best part of  today’s car scene is to be able to appreciate the art that can be expressed from modifying a car…. LONG STORY SHORT Appreciate the ART that goes into modifying ANY vehicle. The Accord community has come a long way, and its only right to have their own meet. Great Turn out!! Enjoy our coverage.