Mercedes CLS


In today’s car scene the challenge is all about how you stand out from the rest. It is even harder to do this when you live in Orange California where car tuning is at its peak. Many people would actually choose to build a common car due to the fact that there are so many aftermarket parts available for it.  As you can tell, John’s vision involves being different. His taste originates from his passion for art. He is mostly known for his Bmw M3 which he and a couple of buddies grabbed about 700+ sharpies and turn the car into a mobile paint canvas. For this build he wanted something clean and obviously different. He also made sure to show off in his trunk that he hasn’t left the graffiti life behind. Check out this amazing build.












  • Brabus Front Bumper
  • Brabus Lip + side diffusers
  • Custom rear bumper SL65 diffuser
  • Gold Platted AMG Exhaust tips


  • Gold Platted HRE 892


  • Red Leather with White diamond stitch + Red Alcantara headliner


  • Air Runner


  • Remapped ECU
  • CLS AMG Intake
  • Eiesenman Exhaust