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se•ri•ous*ˈsɪər i əs(adj.)
1. requiring thought, concentration, or application
2. excessive or impressive in quality, quantity, extent, or degree <serious stereo equipment> <making serious money>
in•no•va•tionˌɪn əˈveɪ ʃən(n.)
1. something new or differently introduced.
2. the act of innovating; introduction of new things or methods.



For many reasons people find a hobby that they become attached to, making it a major part of their lives. We took on the hobby of modifying vehicles from inside to out with exceptional amount of details. We don’t only live it, it has become our lifestyle. Last couple of years; we have noticed a significant growth in the car tuning world. More and more people are now getting involved. The best part of today’s car scene is that it has become so broad. It is not only about what’s in your engine anymore. You can tune your car in so many ways. Styles like, VIP, Stance, Track, Audio competition, has come up in the picture. A lot of this trend has always existed and only the underground guys knew about it. It is now coming up as the new hype in the streets.

But in this ongoing sport there are new enthusiasts that need guidance as well as new auto parts that need exposure. This is where we come in. we are the balance between both parties. We have done countless searches to find out the best products in the market.  We’ve created a website where you can purchase these parts. As for guidance you can tune to our Blog page and check out our features/coverage’s where you can gain some knowledge.

Why us? Well we have a unique vision towards car modification. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in auto styling. We are very experienced and we all own top notch modified cars our selves. We attend to the biggest events and always innovating our vehicles. We will make sure to separate you from the pack! Stay tuned as we are currently producing our own line of apparel and car accessories that can be purchase from our site store.

Keep your eyes open as Serious Innovations grows to move on to the next level in car art and lifestyle. Make sure to visit our social media pages to keep up to date.

Any questions, contact us at sales@srsinn.com Thank you for your support.


We are constantly upgrading our vehicles and introducing new style to the scene. Let’s face it; none of us ride stock because we LOVE the attention. We are dedicated and it is all we do. We stand by quality. We can’t stress enough how critical is to ensure that our cars have the best of the best! We have evolved from a couple of average guys to Organizing top events, building iconic cars, and impacting the car scene to the point where a new trend is born .This is S.I.CREW. A group of hard core enthusiast that eat, sleep, live this lifestyle. Here we get to share our vision to the world. You can meet the crew at the SICREW tab on top.



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