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Serious Innovations was founded by Leo Garcia in 2011. With an interest in photography, it first began as a hobby. Leo would attend car shows, take pictures and post them on his blog. As he roamed through the shows he became intrigued by all the builds he saw and it inspired him to modify his own 2003 Honda Accord. As time passed, his accord began to gain a following in the car community. People would reach out to Leo asking for his advice on modifying their own cars. This sparked the beginning of Leo’s YouTube channel as he posted various videos to show people the progress on his accord which later was named “Becky”. Leo continued to put in more work on Becky, attended even more shows across the states, and finally started working on other peoples cars evolving the brand to what it is today.


We are normal people living normal lives, but one thing we all have in common is that we all share and live the automotive lifestyle. We are here because we believe in the mission of Serious Innovations. We are not just another car club, this is family! Each one of us is involved in the SRSINN movement. We all have a life purpose and we are here to make a difference! We are slowly growing and our goal is to push this crew globally; we currently have chapters in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, as well as Japan. If you see us in the streets make sure to say hi!


Obviously, Leo has had a good amount of history on modifying vehicles. His vision was definitely unique and different which was the reason his car "Becky" had such a big impact in the car community. This passion for customizing vehicles has turned into a business. Using his Creativity and strong Team to build things that are for sure next level.

SRSINN Apparel

The experience in styling vehicles gave us the leverage we needed to bring the apparel business to life. Stay tuned as this is only the beginning of this journey.

More About SI CREW

Setting a new standard while saving the car scene. Serious Innovation is a purpose driven organization that aims to give back to the community. Our members are dedicated and willing to put in the work to make a difference through community service and hosting charitable events. Furthermore, as hardcore car enthusiasts, it is important for us to do everything possible to keep the car modification scene alive! Throughout the years we have noticed the car scene dwindling and it is our responsibility to educate the world about our lifestyle in hopes of strengthening it.

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We create events, not only to show off our passion but to bring awareness to a particular cause.


We have members of all ages and races. We believe in pushing each other for greatness. if you have any question we can definitely guide you to the right path.


Every member has a passion for cars. Our similar perspective makes our bond as strong as family.


The car show scene is all about setting a statement. In order to get there you have to prioritize life and your build. This creates dedication.


Passion Driven

We take Pride for the work we do because of our passion in the automotive world and fabrication.

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Unique Features

We believe in the concept that less is more. Making our builds Clean and simple.

Mass Appeal

Nothing we do is basic. we always strive to hit the "Wow Factor" for every build.

Powerful Statement

Always pushing to create the most appealing fabrication

SRSINN Apparel Fashion Brand

Our Apparel line will bring out the quaility in your style.


Universal Standard

International Design


Fashion Revolution